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18 December 2019


Since 1950, representations of mothers in ads did evolve. Yet, a mother's knowledge and expertise is still confined to consumption and the domestic sphere of family life, write Associate Professor Teresa Davis and authors
16 December 2019


The Indian Minister responsible for consumer protection has praised the University of Sydney Business School's role in a major overhaul of his country's consumer protection laws, which he says will empower the people of India with enforceable rights.
13 December 2019


A new report has found mature workers across Australia feel excluded in today's workforce and have limited development opportunities and flexible work arrangements, compared to younger workers.
28 November 2019


The University of Sydney has created a fellowship program to nurture cultural diversity within the next generation of Australian leaders.
21 November 2019


The University of Sydney is pleased to announce the Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship, one of the most generous postgraduate coursework scholarships an Australian university has ever offered.
21 November 2019


Sydney's reputation as a world-class centre for economics and business has been reaffirmed by the prestigious Times Higher Education publication, which has ranked the University in the world's top 100 in these areas of study.
21 November 2019


Shadow Minister for Health and University of Sydney Bachelor of Economics alumnus, the Hon. Chris Bowen thinks economics could use more champions - and he is happy to be one.
20 November 2019


A groundbreaking report on barriers to refugee employment has called on the government to consider measures including employer education programs as ways of encouraging firms to hire and retain humanitarian migrants.

20 November 2019


Not all famines are caused by droughts, floods or wars. In Bangladesh, famines are driven by unemployment. Shyamal Chowdhury grew up seeing the devastating consequences. Now he might have a solution.

17 November 2019


Undergraduate Engineering/Commerce student, James Kapaniris has been named the 2019 Lendlease Bradfield Urbanisation Scholar, for his vision to transform Sydney's living density.
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